Willis Plummer


coffee day

life like leg in apc
too tight and scary
the work week creeps
train with coffee cup rolls
no hands to hold a phone
dreaming of making beats
installation art or movies
life after artist like j lo
bought coffee on coffee day
didn’t even know but it
changed everything to
find out on facebook

proud of the itunes library on my work computer

proud of the itunes library on my work computer

three poems in prelude magazine which also has stuff by mira gonzalez, tao lin, emily swanson, morgan parker, jonathan aprea, delia pless and john ashberry

friday i’m in alfj;sighes;ghse

David:  i actually think capitalism’s ok
here’s why
if you want to be insane and run away and like fuck off traveling in a communist country, you’re, like, essentially committing a crime
bc you’re not contributing…
how does one measure art?
hear me out… capitalism: where you can be completely insane and unproductive and still economically sound
i still hate it tho
 me:  i think the utopia
would have room for art
like how people are bartending artists
there would be bartending artists post-capitalism
 David:  that literally scares me
bartending artist
 me:  lol
what’s good tni
 Sent at 5:01 PM on Friday
 David:  my dick
just my dick i feel
lfjslfjsldkf i wanna die
 me:  yeah #friday
 Sent at 5:03 PM on Friday
 me:  [redacted] 69ing feels like a metaphor for everything wrong
 David:  glad i didn’t read that thing
intellectualism has no place in my heart
 me:  made me hate [redacted]
 David:  i want everyone to just be able to slidfjskdfjsldfjsldfjk
if we could master that
 me:  i want to buy a i;owegjew;gj;ejgs
 David:  there’d be no need for all the other stuff
 Sent at 5:10 PM on Friday
 me:  thought about typing ‘gonna go home and do craft projects’ as like the bleakest thing i could think of
 David:  craft projects
one time on his birthday, i went to zachary’s apartment
and everyone was cutting snowflakes
 me:  lol
 David:  we all cut snowflakes
jrdud huh?
 me:  u kno waht it is
 David:  feel like you just put a nail in my coffin, willis
 me:  gonna glue feathers on a sneaker or something
 David:  damn, i am frightened at you
 me:  did you see the thing about beyonce
photoshopping her instagram pictures
that emily tweeted about
like increasing her thigh gap
 David:  beyonce is a racist sexist
i’ve been saying it since 4 came out
i’d say check my twitter,b ut i deleted that twitter
 me:  lol
'i'd say check my twitter,b ut i deleted that twitter' could be the hook
of a fishkind song
 David:  yeah it could
where’s our $1000?
 me:  where’s my album
 David:  SHOVE IT!
 me:  i read this roundtable
dave chapelle did
with like kanye and dead prez
have you seen that
good read